Contract Installation Services are a pat of the Mallia Group and our family has been in the business of designing, making and installing bathrooms for more than forty years.

In our experience, even a low cost bathroom suite can look amazing if the installation is done by professionals.

If you’re looking to upgrade your bathroom on a budget and need the expertise of professional installers and the peace of mind of a five year labour guarantee on our workmanship, give us a call today on 0508 SHOWER or simply fill in the ‘get a call back form’ here.


With over 30 years’ experience and a real focus on customer satisfaction, you can rely on us for your next project.

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  • How much does a shower install cost?

    Installation starts at $350 for a straightforward shower combo installation. If you have something more complex in mind, give us a call and we can organise a convenient time with you for a free quote and measure.

  • How quickly can I get the install done?

    It depends. Our installers all operate within their own territories and are capable of installing multiple products. We’ll let you know what time slots we have available in your area when you contact us.

  • Can one installer do more than one job i.e. shower + wardrobe?

    Sure. Our installers are very highly trained and experienced. They will also have a good knowledge of our many of the products we install have been constructed.

  • Can you just repair my shower?

    Tell us what the issue is. We might have to call round and have a look. If it’s repairable, we’ll give you a free quote. If it’s likely to be a better option to replace it, we can help you there too.

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